A Journey of Caring

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A Journey of Caring

“As strangers, broken, pained they come…Looking for that welcome wherein one’s name is Friend, and one’s story, precious. When we become family, this becomes home.” Those words, penned by Sr. Joette Ebert, OSF in 1991 on the opening of Francis House, embody the mission, vision and values of our ministry. For the past 25 years, we have welcomed into our home, persons who were possessed of infinite courage and strength. Persons who, at perhaps the most vulnerable time in their lives, chose to put their trust in us and our ministry. As strangers to us, our residents have no direct knowledge that the trust they place in us is well-founded.

That they place that trust without such knowledge is a sign of great courage. It becomes then, not only our duty, but indeed our sacred duty to uphold that trust, ministering to needs with compassion, competence, joy and the unconditional love of God.

Joy may seem a word out of context for so serious a mission as caring for persons who are dying. However, for 25 years we have experienced the joy of welcoming into our home 2,515 people, not dwelling on when the “time” might come, but living every day to the fullest. We have been part of the joy of family reunion and reconciliation, weddings, First Communion, prom night, and so many other joy-filled family events. Even in the midst of intense sorrow and grief at the hour of death, we have known the joy of family and of having been given the privilege of being a part of the blessed, special moment when our residents transitioned from this world into the next. It is a privilege reserved to the very few and we are greatly blessed for being counted in that number.

As we begin our year of celebration, we call on all our brothers and sisters who have entered into the next life from Francis House to intercede for us. We ask them to walk with us as we continue forward on our journey of caring for the strangers who enter our door seeking comfort, peace and care. And we ask God to continue to bless and guide Francis House, the caregivers, volunteers, staff, and our benefactors, that we may always be present to those most in need at the end of their lives.

In thanksgiving, peace and deep gratitude,

Nancy Light, Executive Director